NuVision Worksets

John Cook developed many custom worksets for the Inergetix CoRe system. Deb McBride has taken these worksets and prepared them for use in the en I vision system. Here is a description of the worksets available.

Planetary Healing: This workset is part of the en I vision basic healing system. The work presented in this content module is a  system derived from the emotional healing system, Planetary Healing, which John Cook created from over 27 years of research, study, and performing healing work with clients. The basis of this work is a synthesis of many disciplines and healing modalities. In his practice, John used Applied Kinesiology and its advanced system Touch for Health, hands on energy work, regression techniques, supplements and metaphysical work such as psychic readings and astrology.  John re-imagined this work to successfully be used in the structure of the en|vision system. It is an 18 sequential step healing system and should be used one section at a time to effect maximum emotional clearing for your client. Each step identifies the emotional issue, the person involved, the chakra involved and how to heal the emotional issue using techniques of sound, color, tapping meridian points and toning.

Planetary Perceptions: This content module for en|vision is to help the practitioner focus on and help clear the client’s field and then give the client a protocol to go home and review and use that would evoke a healing response or give the client an epiphany. This way the client can reflect upon and continue the healing after the session has ended and the client feels they are actively participating in the healing session. Planetary Perceptions is helpful for clients who need support in the life direction, focus and emotional areas rather than physical ailments. It also includes guidelines for directing the practitioner through the session. Here is an outline of the trays in the work set:

The Arts – Paintings, Literature, Movies, Music and Quotations are the protocol for client to go home reflect and experience new elements of the healing. Art to inspire, heal and relate to one’s life.

Answers – getting authenticity and yes or no questions.

Language – Contains names for boys and girls, noun, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. One would use these for getting names or descriptive words.

Location – Cities and countries – whatever stories and healing they may hold for the client. Maybe not necessarily to move there or even to visit but to connect with some aspect of the land and its culture.

Direction – is all compass longitudes and latitudes – again, for understanding the lands where the lines fall or a region where something may be affecting a person. This could be chem trails, toxicity, etc. it could be any sort of news from that region that could be disturbing a person or inspiring a person.

Humor – Laughter can raise consciousness. These jokes are from all different sources, either Monty Python, famous comedians, old jokes or tv shows. This section is called “humor and absurdity” because some of the jokes are clearly from the realm of the absurd.

Coaching & Strategies

Guidelines – Helps the practitioner direct the session. How much Karmic Debt, is it fate or free will, good questions to ask the system, the scale of emotional stress and more.

Database category – Helps direct the session to which folder in the entire  en|vision system should be tested.

Calendar Time – Gives different sets to test for days, weeks, months, years, centuries.Within the calendar set, there are two folders: generation and lineage. The generation set leads you to how many generations prior in either the mother or father’s family where the issue is rooted. For example, it could show father’s family six generations before, female. So, you know it’s any woman in that family period – aunt, cousin, grandmother, etc. The lineage set is different – it creates a specific grandmother or grandfather right through the generations. For example, mother’s father’s mother mother’s father.