Emotional Healing Work


Description and Goals of John Cook’s Emotional Healing System: Planetary Healing

The work presented in the en|vision system is derived from the emotional healing system, Planetary Healing, which John Cook created from over 27 years of research, study, and performing healing work with clients. The basis of this work is a synthesis of many disciplines and healing modalities. What follows is the background from which this system was developed and how John used it with his clients.

Planetary Healing is a true holistic system that incorporates many other systems and healing modalities to get results. More than anything, John sought to get solutions for his clients. He was tireless in his pursuit of anything that would improve the lives of his clients and  those around him.


John’s goals for his clients were always to reduce and eliminate their physical and emotional health complaints. By identifying issues, releasing negative energy and adding positive energy the healer is able to get the client to take responsibility for their life and circumstances. Transformation by raising consciousness is the ultimate, highest goal.

John was very successful with his clients in his method. He healed many people and indeed changed their lives. He wanted to make his work available to other practitioners and taught several students his method.  Although these students went on to have their own practices, John knew he needed to reach a wider audience. When he found and purchased the CoRe Inergetix system, in his words it was “The Emerald Tablet” – the ultimate alchemical tool.

John proceeded to create his own custom emotional healing system within the CoRe using the techniques he developed for his clients. The modalities are described here.

The interaction of the different life realms is very important for the healing process. Diagnostics/Remedies: Structural /Physical; Nutritional /Personal Ecology; Emotional/Relationships;  Spiritual /Universal

 Applied Diagnostics

Applied Kinesiology (AK) or Muscle Testing is the core and the best diagnostic techniques of other Holistic systems, Oriental, Western & Shamanic. John used this extensively in regression work and for nutrition.

Percentage & Time Based. If you are skilled at dowsing, you can use dowsing. Testing for everything and observing the % of the issue before and after the session. The more skills, techniques, information, corrections and balancing the better the healing experience. Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a complete healing system. Many alternative practices are incomplete/proprietary systems, really a series of techniques without a true synthesis.

 Nutritional /Personal Ecology

Earth medicine such as herbs, medicinal foods and enzymes, and pure water with immune support and detoxification methods. Balancing the human ecosystem with the environment. Greater awareness of energy, color and light, cleansing the body. Dietary awareness & evolution: Optimum nutrition. Balancing digestion, assimilation, and elimination with natural remedies. Personal Ecology: Cleansing/Protection.

Structural /Physical (Bodywork)

Advanced Kinesiology/Touch For Health is an intensive version of the famous system developed by George Goodheart and John Thie. It is a powerful combination of bodywork techniques: meridians, muscle integration and structural balancing. Kinesiology strengthens and balances the body through activating the meridians i.e. electromagnetic energy vessels that correspond to the endocrine system, internal organs, and the various systems of the body.



Hands on, (+/-) Vibrational healing. Adding & removing of energy.

Imbalances show up in the energy fields before manifesting physically. Working with life force energy through the aura and Chakras. They correspond with our emotions and our spiritual connection to life.


Emotional Healing

Childhood Regression, Past Life Regression, Dreamwork,  Cognitive/Educational work, AK release, counseling

Deep Regression is a personal rite of passage, also known as the Hero’s journey, an ancient form of healing. We work with feelings, imagery, memory and sound to re-experience and heal the true emotional impact of childhood. We become aware of the powerful influences of the past by entering through platforms of the unconscious. This healing work also includes deep relaxation,  v trance work, role play, breath work, dream work and healing the inner child. Dream work is utilized for healing information through its access to many levels of consciousness. Regression is unsurpassed for releasing deep seated emotional issues. It is most powerful when combined with specific body and energy work. Psychotherapy attempts to help resolve emotional issues. It mostly reinforces psychological blocks because it uses linear models such as analysis and external structures. This can interfere with a person’s autonomy.

Psychotherapy has a 0% success rate overall. Third get better, third stay the same, third get worse There is no need for anyone to be imprisoned by therapy or any healing modality for years (although some maintenance is usually needed). The definition of a therapist or ‘shrink’ is to shrink or reduce your ‘perceived’ emotional / psychological problems so that the ‘patient (pathological definition) can function more maturely, appropriately, successfully and hopefully more happily. Therapy is a misnomer, it really should  be called listening & coaching.

Spiritual/ Universal (Reading)

Metaphysics: Psychic/Intuitive/Astrology

Information given that the person most needs to hear. Decision making, offering choices. Understanding of past and present situations. Helping to resolve current or long standing issues. Healing information, health now, future, energy. Life purpose, relationship issues.

The way to resolve these issues is to enter into them through platforms of the unconscious (that which we are not consciously aware of). We go beyond talk and external models by accessing energy through bodily responses, feelings, imagery, sound and thought. One of the greatest experiences of life is to explore our inner world. Parts of the inner journey are described in mythology. Most of us fantasize and daydream. But how many people undertake a deeply personal healing rite of passage?

We generally look outside for the answers. The prompting for the inner journey can begin with the need to explore beyond everyday reality or heal pain. Many of our physical complaints, emotional pain, learning and creative blocks are rooted deep within. These are clues to unresolved stress and unfinished inner development. Unfortunately many of us only take action when faced with crises.